Discussion Questions

On this page, you will find discussion questions for Chapters 3 and Chapters 4. These discussion questions are to guide a discussion using evidence from the Hattie text. The support for the questions are not just found in Chapters 3 and Chapters 4, look throughout the book for support.

1. Hattie advocates for visible teaching and learning. Describe this idea of visible teaching and learning.

2. There are many ideas involved in the acts of teaching. Expand on these ideas and how we can relate it to effective teaching.

3. When looking at the contributions from the student, apply these different areas to how it influences learning and understanding.

4. there are different contributions a student brings into the classroom that affects their achievement. Describe different ways we can foster achievement in our students.

5. Thinking back to your own experiences as a student, reflect and describe how the different contributions and factors affected your own learning and teaching.

6. From your understanding of effect sizes ( discussed in chapter 2) describe how the different effect sizes of contributions and factors will influence teaching and learning in your classroom.